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Golf Fitness & ELDOA

by Dee Tidwell

Golf Shot


1. Specifically created, one-on-one training and therapy based off your needs. From post-PT to pro athletes, Dee works with all types of clients.

2. ELDOA classes every Monday at noon. ELDOA are one-minute decompression exercises you can do on your own to help control pain, inflammation and movement dysfunction

3. Trigger Point Therapy

4. Joint Pumping and Myo-fascial stretching



Dee has been in the fitness industry for over three decades and works with all types of clients including those needing basic corrective work, struggling with pain and has coached specialty athletes including:

  • PGA Tour playing pros;

  • Pro Downhill/Enduro Mountain Bikers;

  • Olympic-medal winning-professional snowboarders,

  • Professional motocross racers,

  • Skiers,

  • High school and collegiate golfers.

So no matter who you are and what you struggle with Dee has a personalized solution to help you improve!


Dee’s two niches is Golf and mountain biking fitness. Before integrating into VPE, Dee had his own training centers which were the home of “Colorado Golf Fitness Club” working with golfers of all abilities, and “Enduro MTB Training” which coaches cyclists, mountain bikers and gravity based athletes.


Dee received his Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Physiology from California State University at Chico in 1993. He is a Level Two CHEK practitioner, a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified pro, Colorado’s only certified SOMA Golf Trainer and ELDOA Trainer.


Dee’s knowledge has led to his own success as a master’s enduro mountain bike racer and awards like Top 50 Golf Digest Golf Fitness Instructor.


You can reach Coach Dee at, and phone/text at 303-883-0435.

For more info, hit the web:

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