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Our Services

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Our dynamic training sessions, whether individual or group, are crafted to push you to your limits and help you unleash your inner strength. Inspired by the spirit of the Vikings, our slogan is "Train Like a Viking," embodying our commitment to pushing boundaries and achieving greatness. Additionally, we offer Pilates classes, both group and individual, aimed at enhancing flexibility, building core strength, and improving body awareness. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment as you strive for peak performance.



At Viking Power, we prioritize your recovery needs with specialized services like Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) therapy and physical therapy. MAT uses manual muscle testing to identify and activate inhibited muscles, ensuring optimal performance. Our physical therapy offers personalized treatment plans to address various recovery requirements. Both MAT and our PT is the top of the line and will ensure quick and healthy recovery.



Recharge after your workout with our top-notch smoothie bar. Packed with high-quality ingredients, our smoothies are designed to replenish and refresh you post-exercise. Whether you need a protein boost or a refreshing blend of powdered greens and vitamins, our smoothie bar has just what you need to keep you performing at your best.

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